Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Why we tolerate Facebook, but despise Google

Google is dead to us. Dead to we who admired, even liked, the Google of Schmidt and Brin.

I read Google's blogs, but they bore me. I use Google services every hour of the waking day, but sadly. Inside Google, morale is poor. At a meeting of data geeks, where once Google ruled, no-one speaks their name. Dying Yahoo gets more love. Hearts yearn for broken old Microsoft.

Why is this, some wonder? Is Google really more evil than Exxon or Facebook? I don't love Apple, but I buy their stuff willingly. I use Facebook, even though I'd never sell it to anyone.

Is it merely Google's hypocrisy?

It's more than hypocrisy.

We trusted Google. It wasn't just marketing, Google's actions were different from other public companies. That's why we gave Google control of our email, why we used Google's search tools, why I signed up for Blogger, why, even a year ago, when I should have known better, I let Google manage my net identity.

We were wrong. We feel betrayed.

Google made me feel stupid.

That's why we despise Google.

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Anonymous said...

Posted on Blogger, robots.txt allows Googlebot.

Your hate for Google doesn't show.

John Gordon said...

And I use gmail too. I think the post is pretty clear about how heavily I an invested in the Google ecosystem. Very heavily

Also, I used the word 'despise', not hate.

Bob Foster said...

Who is "we"? I don't despise Google. I search, use gmail and Google Docs. I'm actually rather fond of Google, as I believe are the hundreds of millions of people for whom "google it" has become part of their vocabulary.