Sunday, May 27, 2012

A millennia of European history in six bullet points

A thousand years of European History - special needs history version ...

  • 1000 Middle Ages. Lots of small Kingdoms and local rulers. Church very powerful. Terrible Black Plague wipes out much of Europe. 
  • 1500 Renaissance and Protestant Reformation. Knowledge from ancient Greece and Rome and from China and India and the Middle East comes to Europe. New World “discovered” by Europeans. Catholic church loses control of power during Protestant Reformation. 
  • 1600 Scientific Revolution Late in the Renaissance Europe invented the idea of Science. That changed the way people thought about the world and how they made things. 
  • 1700 The Enlightenment Machines and ideas traveled around the world and caused Revolutions. 
  • 1800 The Industrial Age The steam engine and other machines meant that animals and human muscles weren’t as important. The world population started to grow very quickly. Energy was important. 
  • 1950 The Modern Age Today machines are starting to replace or extend the human brain. We don’t know what to call this age.

I'll update the PDF later today. When it's done I'll do an ePub version too.

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