Thursday, June 07, 2012

Fifty Lives: A Work of Historical Fiction

I want to view a work of historical fiction called "Fifty Lives: The Story of Humanity".

It could be an iPad app or a hard cover book. It could start as an undergraduate history class project blog that a professor would repurpose as a best selling book and then buy a villa in Spain.

The work starts in deep history and ends in 2010. It consists, of course, of the story of 50 "average" lives.

The lives are chosen to represent epochs of change and stability, but the primary focus is technological change. Lives can be chosen from anywhere on earth as long as are few technology regressions. So one could hop from China 1000 AD to Europe 1500 AD, but not Europe 1820 to Japan 1830.

I think it could be a popular book. Anyone know a history professor looking for a villa in Spain?

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