Sunday, July 29, 2012

Minnesota: There is official bicycle parking at the Rosedale Mall (aka Rosedale center)

(and now for something completely different).

I made my most recent Apple store trip by bicycle. Before I set out I tried to find a bike parking slot at the typical old-style suburban mall near my office -- the Rosedale Center (mall).

All I found was a lonely picture of someone's bike padlocked to a stairway railing.

That's why I wrote this post; so that Google will now know the answer to that question.

The answer, as you might suppose from the title, is yes.

The official response is that there are "bike racks at the Food Court entrance and the entrance near Green Mill."

In my case I used a quite nice set of racks that are immediately behind the Apple Store; I wonder if they were installed for employees. (Incidentally, if you're picking up a 27" iMac you can park here for 30 minutes. Wish I'd known that prior to my last visit.)

IMG 1760  2012 07 24 at 11 35 29

There's another set of similar racks to the right of this location; I think they're the "food court entrance" racks and they at 45.01217, -93.17242:

Screen shot 2012 07 29 at 7 35 43 PM

Now you know. Kudos to the mall for having such fine bicycle parking, now they just need to note it on their web site.

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