Wednesday, August 08, 2012

I put $50 down on

I was mildly (cough) irked (cough) when Google Reader Shares died.

My Pinboard/IFTTT/Twitter/WordPress replacement works better than it ought to, but it's frail. It could fall apart at any time, for many reasons. I want a solution that I can rely on, from a company that wants me as a customer -- not as a product.

That's why, like Gruber and many of the geeks I read, I put $50 down to reserve @johngordon on Time to put some money where my mouth goes.

They need a bunch of money in the next five days to launch. Take a gamble.

Update 8/17/2012: My (alpha) stream: is my kind of quest: quixotic, almost certainly doomed, but noble.

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Anonymous said...

I have followed suit and signed up. I couldn't help noticing even more ads leaking through my ad-blocker on Facebook even setting aside the privacy issues...