Wednesday, September 12, 2012

iPhone 5: meh.

What I wanted from the new iPhone and Apple

  • Ability to specify calendar colors for Exchange Server/ActiveSync calendars
  • Water resistance
  • Lower cost data plans
  • Parental controls that work (ability to disable embedded browsers).
  • Fix the Apple ID debacle
  • Bicycle directions on the Map app

What I got

  • A new connector with a $30 adapter.
  • No more parental controls for YouTube (since it's a separate app).
  • A map app without Google bicycle routes
  • A bunch of features I don't care much about
  • A dumbed down version of iTunes that will probably omit much of many of the query (smart list) abilities I rely on
  • More iCloud fail

Meh. I'll probably buy another AT&T iPhone and extend my contract, but I'll wait until I see how the different data plans shake out. The $30 adapter is particularly arrogant.

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Martin said...

Do you know by chance what happens to podcasts currently synced between iTunes on the Mac and 'Music' on iOS devices? Will the remain available in the iOS 6 'Music' app?

I noticed a few days ago that the new iOS podcast app does not show podcasts synced from iTunes on the Mac. I use Instacast (iOS) for most of my podcast subscriptions (download or stream to listen, delete sooner or later afterwards) but I have also an archive of a dozen or so language or music related podcasts with a few 100 episodes in iTunes. It would be very sad if I could no longer listen to such podcasts on my iOS devices.

Your post, by the way, is interesting as it focuses mainly on software and not hardware – exactly the opposite of all the gadget bloggers and journalists … :)