Friday, September 28, 2012

Why are OS X solutions easier to find than Windows solutions?

When something goes wrong on a computer, we all turn to Google. 

Almost all. I suppose Apple employees have to use Bing.

I can usually find OS X fixes fairly easily, even though when I need an OS X fix it's often a pretty obscure issue.

Windows 7 is another story. I rarely find solutions. Searches run into unanswered questions, paywalls, and wrong answers; it doesn't matter if I use Bing or Google.

Why is OS X search so much better than Windows 7 search? Windows 7 is still much widely used than OS X.

Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe it's just me.


oiojes said...

I've had no difficulty finding windows solutions for pre-windows 7 issues. Usually published on MSDN or other like microsoft outlets. There does seem to be a trick to finding the right language with which to make the query. Possibly mSoft users are more technical than apple users or publish solutions under more technical headings.

Windows 7 is an abomination and a drag. In this release they've managed to break the single most useful tool they've ever had: file explorer.

I have it on my laptop and I curse it daily. Along with those who created office 2007.

Rachel said...

I have found that problem too! So I usually just use my comp that OX instead, which is really annoying. Maybe it is underground marketing?