Monday, September 17, 2012

Why I'll be deferring iOS 6 and iPhone 5: podcasts gone

I listen to several Podcasts; using smartlists to identiy partly played casts and those I haven't started.

That won't be possible come iOS 6:

TidBITS Networking: Does Apple’s Podcasts App Suck Cellular Data?

...In iOS 6, the Music app removes podcasts altogether ...

Leaving us with the crummy

We've also been told to expect an iTunes update. I wonder if that will drop podcasts too. I expect smart lists to go. We already know iOS 6 will lose Google Maps.

For me iOS 6 and iTunes 11 look to be big regressions. iPhone 5 and it's new cable hasn't impressed me either. I'll be going slow on both, which means I'll likely defer my iPhone 5 too.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry there no more iphones anyway.

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares

Anonymous said...

I would have lamented this before finding a dedicated podcast app -- Downcast is the one I use, blows Apple's app and the Music app podcast functionality out of the water.