Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Internet Trends 2012 (Meeker, KPCB)

KPCB annual internet trends presentation is online. KPCB does this yearly under the "Meeker" brand. The online version isn't displaying correctly today, but there's a link to the PDF version.

There's a lot of fluff in the report. These were the parts I thought were mildly interesting:
  1. Nigeria: 28% of popn has net access, 5th fastest growing access
  2. US: 20% of popn still no access (will require govt action to close that gap I bet)
  3. Android is awesome. (I sold my soul to Apple years ago btw)
  4. Almost 30% US adults have Tablet/eReader (I wonder if they count iPhones though)
  5. Mobile doesn't made ad money, so ad supported net sites are in deep trouble.
  6. Ad supported Apps look good.
  7. Internet ad revenue surpassed newspaper 2010 (assume FAR behind TV)
  8. Public has given up on privacy.
  9. Aggregate market cap global public companies is 36 Trillion. (So only 72 Apples?). Note this excludes privates like Aramco, etc.
  10. Advertisers want access to us while we're in the Car.

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