Saturday, March 16, 2013

Project Ducky - why I've stopped using new Cloud services.

Dilbert 04/14/1994:

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Yeah, Google Reader is on many geek minds today, but it's not the only cloud death to disrupt my routine.  Today, working in Aperture, I tried searching on a AppleScript workaround for Aperture's single-window mangled Project problems. I found a couple of good references -- to Apple .Mac pages that died with MobileMe. The page owners never recreated their lost resources.

Later I wanted to upload some photos from our special hockey team. I remembered then that Google discontinued Mac/Picasa integration and the iPhoto Plug-in.

Within a year I expect Google is going to discontinue Blogger, which currently hosts this blog.


I'm on strike. You want my business? Give me standards. Give me products I pay for that have low exit costs and that have competitors. 

Oh, yeah, Google - go away.

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Jeremiah said...

"I'm on strike. You want my business? Give me standards."

You're not a customer, Mr. G - you are the product being sold.

Chances are, you (or I) don't have/make enough money to invert that relationship.