Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mounting a bike light when you use a front bag

My NiteRider Lumina 700 seems solidly made, but since I use a front bag it's a nuisance to mount. I took apart the helmet mount and fit that into an old reflector mount that puts the light in a good position. I think this mount will work, but in case it doesn't I put together a list of alternatives. (Of course the ideal front bag would include a bike mount, but mine doesn't. I prefer not to use the helmet mount, but that can work too.)

Most of these mounting solutions are designed to work with a handlebar clamp mount like the one that comes with the Lumina:

I ended up ordering a Paul Gino Light Mount from Amazon for $17. I saw a similar "Origin8 Light Mount Frame/Fork Eyelet Stub B" on Amazon, but Origin8's web site doesn't have a light mount and the reviews were inconsistent. I suspect this might be a counterfeit based on the Gino.

Of course another option is to go all in and buy a front rack, then mount the lights there.

Update 9/30/13: I bought the Paul Gino. It seemed small at first, but of course handlebar diameter isn't big either. It's quite finally made. I expected the M5 mount screw would fit my touring bike's front fork carrier mounts, but first I tried it on an old reflector mount that came with the bike. That mount, with a jury-rigged platform, had held my older front light, but my Nite Rider Lumia 700 was too heavy for it.

As shown below, it worked quite well. The reflector mount, as it turned out, is M5 threaded and I put a solid torque into the steel bolt and steel mount. The Lumia 500, set a few cms to the right of center, just barely cleared my cantilever brake cables.

Perfect result! 

BTW, many people like to mount lights on the lower to mid fork to get a better view of the road surface. I like to see the road too, but my main goal is to be seen by cars. So I prefer this mount - visible to cars, but a good view of the road.

IMG 3003

IMG 3004

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