Thursday, November 07, 2013

Bicycling related kickstarters wanted: integrated cam/light, power platform, autonomous vehicle communication

These projects almost certainly exist, either or kickstarter or some design document, but I'll share them anyway. No rights reserved - except proof of prior art where applicable (I'm sure there's prior prior.) If there's a kickstarter for one or the other let me know.

Integrated incident cam and bicycle light with optional smartphone app

  • Typical LiOn modern USB charged bicycle light (example Niterider Lumina) with front mounting brackets
  • Integrated incident cam mounts above and behind light element
  • Optional: companion smartphone app (there are standards for sending data to existing smartphone bicycle apps)

Modular power/peripheral platform with open connector standard

  • key is open standards for the power and data connections including Bluetooth to smartphone peripheral
  • USB 3 charging (compatible with emerging high power standards)
  • power source can be LiOn battery, generator, etc.
  • implement on standard bike or eBike
  • platform modules include lights, incident cam, etc
Both projects can include support for broadcast/smartphone broadcast notification of planned route, velocity, steering angle, location, etc to compatible semi-autonomous car systems and tracking of autonomous vehicle metadata (incident prevention and reporting).


chrismealy said...

How's this?

John Gordon said...

e-Assist bikes are hot dev of the moment. Also e-Assist trailers; big honking things with motors that are controlled by the bicycle coupling. Lots of creativity coming...