Tuesday, April 29, 2014

illumiNITE Reflective Wind Pants: a weirdly unique product

Have you ever tried to buy high visibility wind pants? Something in bright orange for example?

Good luck with that. Ninja black is the rule. The one exception I’ve found is the illumiNITE Reflective Pant. Yeah, it’s black (sigh), but at least it shows up very brightly when exposed to headlights. That’s better than everything else I’ve seen — and the $45 price is very competitive. I just bought a pair and they seem well made — they’re my new small stuff sack bike/walkabout pants. The only downside is they don’t pack into an enlarged pocket, in fact they only have one zippered back pocket.

I’ve bought two other IllumiNITE products — a pair of running tights (company don’t have much of a modeling budget, they fit better than they do in the picture and I’m no model) and a pair of pants that are, sadly, no longer available. The pants are a real loss — two pockets and ankle zippers, comfortable loose fit but shaped enough to stay out of the way. I wear ‘em skiing, bicycling and running; they’ve held up for years.

IllumiNITE could do with a bit more business — I don’t see their stuff outside of their web site. They’re a funny little enterprise …

llumiNITE ink is a time-saving, easy to use all in one ink that eliminates the measuring and mixing associated with traditional reflective mediums. This means that we can add reflectivity to rolled goods, and create garments with large reflective areas rather than strips and dots. You've heard this story before--We liked the product so much we bought the company!

We operate out of a historic mill building in Fall River, MA--a city with an apparel and textile tradition that dates back to the industrial revolution. Our aim is to be friendly and accessible. Because we're a small company, it's likely that when you contact us you'll be speaking to one of our principals. Here’s a little introduction to the crew …

 Half of the crew is missing the descriptive text …

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