Sunday, October 18, 2015

Managing the TBs of videos and photos the kids produce

The kids generate a lot of images and video. Some of it I want to keep, other material is of temporary interest (instagram shares mostly), a lot of it is accumulated because, for them, storage is free. Meanwhile we’re overflowing our backup capacity — I just bought an 8TB Synology to replace a defective Time Capsule (4TB RAID 1)

The new policy is I put the media into dated folders on the server share. I quickly review my daughter’s images for things to add to our family archive (in Aperture, and, yes, I hate Apple). The kids have until the date on the folders to review the images for anything they want to keep. After that date I delete them.

I wonder what others do with this torrent of media. I suspect it just gets lost. There is a reason Apple gave up on Aperture — the entire market for amateur photo (much less video) management seems to be dying. Reminds me of the passing of personal finance software.

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