Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Quicken spending spam - alert "feature"

In my mail this morning…

Screen Shot 2015 10 27 at 7 42 25 AM

During a machine transition I reinstalled Quicken 2015, so I at first thought we’d unwittingly enabled Quicken Mobile and put our finances into Intuit’s Cloud. We hadn’t, but there’s an alerting “feature” I didn’t know about that can be changed in preferences. I’ve now disabled all alerts. 

I’d prefer Intuit (current owner, but Quicken has been abandoned) not know anything about me at all. I suspect knowing about me is, unfortunately, a significant part of their failing business model.

If you don’t want this, then stay away from Intuit and Quicken.

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nullrend said...

I know of a lot of small businesses that use old versions of Quicken (because of file format compatibilities/desire to not fix what's not broken) or their new services that can interact with anything out there, and now I'm wondering if they now have to deal with the email issue as well.