Thursday, October 01, 2015

No, Apple is not necessarily evil. Why do you ask?

[When first wrote this I chose an article, that, by chance, didn’t have a redirect to the original site. Which means I got things a wee bit wrong. Sirshannon gently corrected me. So now a bit of a rewrite …]

Viewing what I thought was a NYT article in (turns out to be an Apple article that showed up on NYT page, which is kind of interesting) I can use 4.0 to create a Pinboard: Bookmark. That bookmark includes a URL like this:

From Pinboard pourover and IFTTT (still around) share that link and my comment to, twitter and my personal archive.

So far, so open. But what happens next?

If you access the particular link on an iOS device Apple launches and you can view it there — both and do the same thing.

If you access the link anywhere else you get this:

Screen Shot 2015 10 01 at 8 03 38 AM

However, that’s not the end of the story (thought I thought it was). This link, opened in a web browser, redirects to a web page:

Apple does not redirect to the web version of the article. With NYT and other sources I chose one can open the News page in Safari.

This isn’t is surprising for two reasons. The first is that, even more than Google, Apple is all about Roach Motel class lock-in. The second is that, unlike the RSS of old, has a viable ad-funded business model. Links to the open (perennially dying) web don’t fit that model.

So, despite my dire expectations, Apple, for now, is providing redirects to the web source. This doesn’t mean Apple will never interfere with the distribution of information that would hurt Apple’s business or offend its executives, and my confusion between NYT and Apple content is a bit weird (user error?), but for now isn’t necessarily evilI’ll be staying with Reeder and the lost mist-enshrouded all but forgotten Shangri La of RSS, Feedbin and Reeder until the last link dies  I’ll be experimenting with sharing articles from it via RSS, Feedbin and Reeder ...

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