Monday, November 30, 2015

Hockey skill videos (reference post)

Adult ice hockey is a new hobby. Unsurprisingly there are lots of adult no-checking leagues in the Twin Cities, JMS Hockey is the one I went with. Actually, I should say “we” went with. My #1 son is 18 now, and he is the first identified special needs adult hockey player in our league. We play on the same line — he plays at the top range of the “lower level” games and I’m at the bottom. After more than 10 years of managing his hockey teams and even becoming a level 1 coach (no skills required) I finally got off the bench.

Despite growing up in Montreal when Les Habs ruled hockey I’m a lousy hockey player. Fortunately I’m not a bad skater, though lately somewhat knee impaired. So I’m trying to pick up some stick handling skills.

This blog post is where I’m going to put the video links and references I like — largely from [1] and a UK(!) Hockey Tutorial I’ll update it over the season (assuming I last).

Basic snapshot and wrist shot (because this is so embarrassing right now)

Wrist shot

Most basic shot, what I’m learning now. When learning face the puck.

Snap Shot

Quick shot taken when skating to net, face the net, puck to the side.


[1] There are many books and videos on mountain biking skills. Hockey players don’t generally do that kind of thing.

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