Saturday, February 20, 2016

A peculiar finding of a 2010 RSV infection and transient autoimmune diabetes leads to ... nothing.

In March of 2012 we learned that a researcher identified a striking relationship between a RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) respiratory infection and development of transient auto-immune diabetes mellitus. You can read the companion article online, the ’54-year-old male volunteer” was Michael Snyder, one of the researchers.

I came across my old blog post on this today, so I looked to see what we’ve learned since about this peculiar relationship. I did a PubMed literature search on “respiratory syncytial virus” and “diabetes”. I found that 2012 article … and nothing else.

I reviewed the 100 or so subsequent article extracts that cited the 2012 paper. There didn’t seem to be any follow-up research.

Maybe the article was badly mistaken. Or maybe this is related to our post-70s research problem.

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