Sunday, April 17, 2016

Boxer shorts for bicycling

Cyclists are supposed to ride ‘commando’ — nothing between cycling short padded lining and the butt.

Me, I don’t like to wash my cycling shorts that often, and sometimes I just ride with regular shorts. I prefer to wear synthetic fabric boxer shorts without seat area seams. I have a few pairs I’ve picked up over the years, but they’re no longer sold. I’ve had a hard time finding seamless shorts. Web sites generally show the front, not the back.

Today I searched harder. After digging past the typically useless few pages of Google pay-to-play-adsearch results here are the options I found, mostly in comments on a Lazy Randonneur blog post

  • BOSS cyclist stretch cotton boxer briefs. These are cotton unfortunately. $28 for 3.
  • ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs 1241-0020: Blog post. Designed for easy wash/dry, supposedly no seams in contact zone. $23 each. Top selling mens boxer briefs on Amazon. (Amazon has several versions of this underwear, but only one appears on the ExOfficio site. I think a number may be counterfeit, this one is sold by Amazon itself so probably genuine.)
  • MEC merino briefs/T1 boxer briefs: Canada only alas.
  • Devold multi sport boxer briefs: Blog post. Expensive Norwegian merino wool briefs sold by Rivendell cycle. About $40.
  • Bent Scivvies: no longer sold as far as I can tell, once a Target store brand label. These sounded ideal

I ended up ordering one pair of ExOfficio and the set of 3 BOSS underwear. I’d love to find a Target or Walmart equivalent…

PS. I have a vague memory that back in the 70s male cyclists used to wear seamless women’s panties? Probably a false memory. Was a long time ago. I never had the nerve to try.

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