Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Double unders

People come to our gym and in two months they’re doing double unders.

I am not those people. After ****** of practice I do about 5 DU with 2 singles between each as I advance backwards across the floor. (I think this is “piking” and is related to using a longer than desired rope)

As someone who has failed at this for so long I’m well placed to recommend these tutorials….

I’d add …

  • If you’re practicing at home a glass of wine might not hurt
  • Try a metronome? (free on iPhone)
  • Chest has to stay high.
  • Warm up with 25 singles, then 10 slow high singles, then to the DUs.
  • I like long handles that amplify my poorly coordinated wrist snap
  • I think my speed rope is too long
  • I might try the beaded rope, they are supposed to help old people. (50 isn’t old …)

I’m on record saying if I ever get 10 consecutive DUs and a single bar muscle up I’ll get a tattoo. Presumably a very small one. I’m not worried.

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