Sunday, August 28, 2016

Last days at the best of social networks: (aka Alpha, ADN).

My (@johngordon) services are beginning to fail - including PourOver. Post counts are gone. I still find some great discussions; the community will outlast the infrastructure.

I joined ADN/ Alpha in 8/2012, I’ve paid yearly since. I was a fan in 2013, still am. filled the void left when Google Reader Shares died. It was better than Posterous, Tumblr or Twitter.

Four years isn’t a bad run. I’m not sure Twitter will be here in four years. On the other hand, “the Well” is 31 years old now (and funded by memberships). The Well is private, so I’ve no idea how active it is, but that’s probably a record.

There’s no obvious replacement for on the horizon but I’m keeping my eyes open …

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