Saturday, March 17, 2018

Medical topic monitoring: PCOS topics added to my RSS feeds

I’ve been a fan of the National Library of Medicine’s medical literature service through MEDLARS to MEDLINE to Grateful Med (my fave) to the current PubMed.

I monitor a number of topics though RSS streams of search updates:

To create an RSS search feed:

1. Run a search in PubMed.
2. Click RSS located below the Search box.
3. You may edit the feed name and limit the number of items displayed [2], and then click Create RSS. If the number of citations retrieved is greater than the number of items displayed the feed will include a link to display the complete PubMed retrieval.
4. Click the XML icon to display the XML and copy and paste the URL into the subscribe form in your RSS reader. Web browsers and RSS readers may use different options to copy the feed.

Today I’m adding one for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome/Disorder (PCOS/PCOD) with a focus on exercise, metformin, and research (I may split searches after a while). I have similar searches on a variety of topics as shown in the table below. (If I remember I’ll come back and update this post over time.)

I read results in my RSS clients - Feedbin (RSS server and web client) and (iOS, I’m also playing with I save selected references to Pinboard, generally with a tag (when I remember). The Pinboard tags have feeds too.

Search RSS Pinboard stream
PCOS etiology PCOS/etiology [1] pcos
PCOS and exercise PCOS and exercise pcos
PCOS and metformin PCOS and metformin pcos
arthritis and tolerance induction Arthritis and tolerance induction arthritis

PS. My longstanding #1 feature wish for MarsEdit is native table support. Just saying.
PPS. I miss Google Reader’s ability to share sets of feed subscriptions

- fn -

[1] You can search on a MeSH heading/subheading pair but I couldn’t get the RSS to work that way. OTOH, Pubmed was flaky this morning. That’s quite rare. I hope I didn’t break it. I’m going to have to update this post another day with some of the other topics I follow.
[2] With a new feed only 10 articles are displayed. I suspect this is a Feedbin problem.

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