Friday, September 13, 2019

Clark Goble 1967-2019

Clark and I had different opinions on the future of ISIS. This was years ago, when we conversed often on He under his own name, me, less boldly, using my John Gordon pseudonym. (Clark knew I was John Faughnan, we corresponded by email too.)

Clark was a slippery fellow in a debate so I suggested a wager based on the state of ISIS in a year or so. I forget what I wagered, but Clark offered to pay off in Amano artisan chocolate. His company’s chocolate that is.

Some time later, a bit prematurely I thought, Clark decided I was right and he shipped me a wonderful supply of some of the finest chocolate I’ve ever had. I tried to stretch out the supply but I’m bad with chocolate. I ate it too quickly.

I was in Clark’s debt after that. I thought I’d have a way to pay it back, but I didn’t expect that to be a donation to his posthumous gofundme account. He died 9/6/2019 of a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. He was 52yo, married, with five children.

My wife’s mother died the same way at the same age. I remember, from medical school days, a young woman dying suddenly the same way. It’s like being hit by lightning. Here one day, gone the next.

I never met Clark in person. We chatted for years on, then continued on Twitter. We had some things in common. We both loved the outdoors - mountain biking and, in his case, mountaineering. We enjoyed science and especially physics — though he was the real thing and I am just a hobbyist. Both of us were happy fathers; Clark's youngest child was about a year old when he died. 

We were both born in Canada. We both liked travel, he wrote often of his mission work in Louisiana.

Politically and spiritually we were pretty different. Clark took his faith and Mormon theology seriously, I’m a functional atheist. Clark was a Western old school Republican, I’m an Obama-Democrat. Many of our discussions were on politics — he loved the ins and outs of democracy.

I miss Clark's voice. I’m sad I’ll never get to drop in for chocolate. I mourn for his family and all who loved him.

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