Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The year ahead

Massachusetts is going to try the Wuhan/South Korea path. Or something like it.

What's the alternative?
  1. Shut down and open up -- trying to stay under healthcare capacity.
  2. Buy time to find meds that work a bit, better care approaches for outpatient, hospital, ICU. There are some that look promising now (not HCQ).
  3. Buy time to build up manufacturing, supply chains, new jobs in COVID-19 care and management, serology that actually works.
  4. In a year or two we have some vaccines that work like those developed for animal COVID.
  5. COVID becomes a second yearly severe flu, worse than the Swine flu. On top of the traditional flu.
  6. We have fewer people over 80.
  7. Many countries will stop Americans from visiting.
In Minnesota we'll let Georgia make the mistakes. If Massachusetts succeeds we'll try that.

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