Friday, August 14, 2020

COVID Cancellation: The fight with Delta from May 1 to Aug 20, 2020

The COVID battle with Delta

  1. May 1, 2020: Delta canceled a flight for daughter and I to Korea. I spoke with the Delta rep and was told we'd receive a full refund. But trouble was already brewing.
  2. We were in Delta database for refund until, one day, we were not.
  3. We sent complaints to DOT, MN Attorney General, and American Express
  4. July 11, 200: American Express responded to our objection and refunded two tickets.
  5. DOT said they'd referred our complaint back to Delta.
  6. Delta refunded ONE ticket
  7. American Express reversed their refund on both tickets. I tried to appeal but the appeal process said I had to phone (which is very hard to do on my schedule).
  8. I replied to the DOT and Delta/DOT email addresses that one ticket remained. 
  9. I was unable to get more help from AMEX. 
  10. Aug 20, 2020: Delta notified a second refund and a few days later it was in my AMEX account.
There are class action suits against Delta and other airlines. Our struggle went on for almost 4 months.

My guess is Delta was managing its cash flow by paying its debts slowly. I suspect high mileage customers with flight insurance received early refunds -- because Delta knows the insurance companies would go after them. Then high mileage customers and major business buyers. After that it's who complains the most and longest. 

Delta fought payment pretty hard. I though it was over in July when AMEX refunded us, but I saw the paperwork Delta sent AMEX. They really didn't want to pay. 

In the end I think the DOT complaint did the trick. I never heard from the MN state attorney general.

I hope the class action suits succeed.

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