Friday, October 23, 2020

What I would add to the standard blog model

The combination of RSS and the basic blog post is almost perfect. There are, however, a few things that would make them even better as a way to share information in most organizations.

  1. Provide an email summary option that is generated on post, daily, or weekly. (SharePoint does this for some list types.)
  2. Add a Publication Date in addition to the Last Modified date and make the Publication Date both the primary sort field and make it user editable without changing the URL. That way a publisher can choose to easily replace a topical post with a newer version and optionally republish it as new. (For organizational use the historical record is unimportant.)
  3. Author control of notification generation. There's no need to generate a fresh RSS entry or email update for the correction of a few typos or other minor changes.
  4. Easy sharing of articles by email and other 'send' modalities.
  5. Tags with tag specific rss and views (many blogs do this).
  6. Editing tags should not generate notifications.
That's all. No comments -- in practice I think these can occur elsewhere.

PS. It looks like Blogger has broken tags/labels as of today! So this post has none.

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