Friday, August 22, 2003

The Alabama monument: Marker for the new Christian Nation? - Judge suspended over Ten Commandments - Aug. 22, 2003: "Asked on CNN whether he would support an Islamic monument to the Koran in the rotunda of the federal building, Moore replied, 'This nation was founded upon the laws of God, not upon the Koran. That's clear in the Declaration (of Independence), so it wouldn't fit history and it wouldn't fit law.' "

Apparently Moore considers "God" to be the Deity of the Republican Right. Since the God of the Koran is the God of Abraham, the Republican Right may even have problems with the Old Testament. (The religious right, of course, has no real connection to the New Testament).

This is a potentially historic event. The Religious Right feels this is the time to formally declare that the United States is a "Christian" (Old Testament variant) nation. They think that Bush was sent by God to make this declaration.

Perhaps it's the influence of millenial thinking.

This is very tricky for Bush. If he lets them down they may react like a jilted lover. Karl Rove will be desperate that this be handled at the state level.

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