Friday, August 22, 2003

Bush/Ashcroft and Civil Rights: A pattern of deception.


Phil Carter, a former marine and law student, has written an excellent summary of Bush/Ashcroft's post 911 actions limiting civil rights. I've never before seen them listed in one place; it's an impressive list.

These actions, various prevarications about tax cuts and economics, the pattern of deceit prior to invading Iraq, the suspicion that the Bush administration has been actively concealing a record of pre-911 hijack warnings, the semi-fraudulent smallpox immunization program (which was part of the case for invastion), Bush's many environmental whoppers, suppression of reports from federal scientists on climate change ... it's quite a collection.

Even if most people don't get the overall picture, they get the gradual impression. Bush is slowly acquiring a very substantial credibility problem. Either he's delusional, or he and his team really feel that the public can't handle anything close to the truth, or he fears political defeat if he speaks the truth.

And people thought Clinton was truth challenged.

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