Monday, September 01, 2003

In need of adult supervision -- so what are the ultra-rich doing?

Home Alone - Bob Herbert
We are at a stage now where mature, responsible leadership is more essential than ever. All of the problems that we have ignored until now remain with us. But the money that might have started us on the road to solutions is gone. We are mired in Iraq, and not properly prepared at home.

We could use some adult supervision.

The "Adult Supervision" phrase is often used to refer to the current administration -- it was also used by the Bush campaign to refer to the needs of the Clinton administration. So, there's an ironic touch.

Irony aside, where would this adult supervision come from? I wonder what the ultra-rich are up to, people like Gates and company. Their are a lot of dumb moderately rich people, but Gates, Buffet et al are not dumb. They worry about where things are going, and they're unlikely to vent by writing unread blogs. So what are they doing?

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