Monday, September 01, 2003

Rumsfeld and Condi invent an alternative German history

Condi's Phony History - Sorry, Dr. Rice, postwar Germany was nothing like Iraq.

Rumsfeld and Condi Rice make up stories about post-occupation Germany, trying to make it sound like Iraq. The "werewolf" stories are fanciful. What does this ploy reveal about their mental status? Do they think there's no-one left who can read?

As Daniel Benjamin writes:
So, how did this fanciful version of the American experience in postwar Germany get into the remarks of a Princeton graduate and former trustee of Stanford's Hoover Institute (Rumsfeld) and the former provost of Stanford and co-author of an acclaimed book on German unification (Rice)? Perhaps the British have some intelligence on the matter that still has not been made public. Of course, as the president himself has noted, there is a lot of revisionist history going around.
It is disturbing that both Condi and Rumsfeld seem to have crossed over into the twilight zone.

Maybe their mental state is related to rumors that Rumsfeld will leave after Bush's first term.

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