Sunday, May 22, 2005

Climate Change: The Elizabeth Colbert New Yorker review

The New Yorker: Fact

The review is now freely available. I believe Minnesota has been significantly affected. The Twin Cities used to be at the southern end of a very cold band of weather along with the Canadian prairies, in the past five years this band has moved north of us. Our winters are substantially warmer; the difference isn't a few degrees of global warming, it's a shift to Iowa's weather. For my part this is not an improvement; the temperature range of 30-40F is boring and fat inducing (neither reliable ice/snow nor comfortable bicycling).

BTW, I came to this page via Philip Greenspun's blog, which I've just added to my collection. I'm still discovering excellent writing and new blogs, even as some of my old favorites (Boing-Boing) are going through a boring patch.

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It's spelled "Kolbert"!