Sunday, May 22, 2005

The war on Newsweek: Frank Rich strikes back

It's All Newsweek's Fault - New York Times

Frank Rich demolishes the Bush administration. Again. It's so easy to do it's boring, but for the sake of history someone has to do it.

The preponderance of evidence is that interrogators, torturers and bored guards mistreated the Koran to annoy and infuriate their prisoners. That is hardly surprising, they are average young men, often incredibly stressed, and often not well supervised. I also recall reading over the years (more than one source) that this sort of 'psy-op' is reasonably successful with some subjects. It is likely some version of (ex. the dog policy) was included in official or semi-official policy about 'acceptable torture'.

The Bushies decided to use this chance to jump on Newsweek, currently owned by an old enemy -- The Washington Post. Frank Rick trashed them.

George Bush is going to make Bill Clinton's legacy look golden.

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