Thursday, June 02, 2005

Camera vendors of Brooklyn -- home of the "great deal"

Central Digital, d.b.a.,,,,, and

Brooklyn is the home of the low cost camera "deal". The companies selling these cameras operate on very low margins, and it turns out they have store fronts to match (and about 7 different names each).

Some of these vendors make money by cheating their customers. Others make their money on bundled accessories. I had a good personal experience with iBuyDigital, and, by comparison to their peers, they have a palatial store front (link above).

(iBuyDigital did pester me to buy some higher margin accessories, but that's only fair. I only used them once however. My other purchases have been at more traditional venues and Amazon.)

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Orac said...

I had a bad experience with one of these clowns once. When I finally decided I had had enough of their jerking me around, I tried to cancel my order. They gave me a lot of attitude, bordering on the abusive.

Fortunately, I found 17th Street Photo. It's also fortunate that I live close enough to NYC that, if it became necessary, I could make the long ride into the city to get in their face. I wouldn't want to do it because it would kill most of a day, but I could...