Monday, August 21, 2006

The cursed gender

Pedophiles, like terrorists, convicts, journalists, politicians, and physicians use online resources to amplify their "intelligence" (emphasis mine):
On the Web, Pedophiles Extend Their Reach - New York Times:

... In April, with summer fast approaching, both groups of online friends chatted about jobs at children’s camps. Did anyone, one man asked, know of girls’ camps willing to hire adult males as counselors? Meanwhile, elsewhere in cyberspace, the second group celebrated the news that one of their own had been offered a job leading a boys’ cabin at a sleep-away camp...

...Today, pedophiles go online to seek tips for getting near children — at camps, through foster care, at community gatherings and at countless other events. They swap stories about day-to-day encounters with minors...
I think in most primates adult males are kept away from children. I believe in most human societies that has also been often true.

I bet we will increasingly move to keeping all adult males away from children, with possible exceptions for fathers (I have 3 young children).

It is hard to imagine a long future for my gender, at least not without some substantial genetic re-engineering.

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