Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What ails NH? Live by the rules, then die.

In New Hampshire, state law mandates that water slides must be used sitting up.


In New Hampshire, many of the towns we visit have signs saying: "No dogs, no bicycles, no skates".

I have lots of family here, so I'll restrain myself a tad, but, really, this is ridiculous. Commie "nanny" states like Vermont don't have all these repressive rules, but a Libertarian-wannabe like NH does? Talk about falling short of aspirations.

Demographically, NH isn't too atypical. A bit short on children, but average for over 65. I can't blame it ALL on aging boomers. I'd love to hear some theories...

I've said in the past that as a quick gauge of how liveable a place is, one should look at how it treats dogs, bicyclists, and skaters. By that measure NH ranks pretty low, so it's a shame it's so beautiful.

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