Thursday, May 03, 2007

The brilliance of the geek mob: HD-DVD encryption key now a colored shirt

The encryption key for an HD-DVD DRM scheme has been found. Lawyers are using the infamous DMCA to eliminate it from web sites, but the Digg crowd keeps writing it back to their site. Digg has given up and seems fated to die, but ingenuity strikes back.

The magic number can be represented as a series of hex digits, which in a web browser can encode a series of colors. So this site has created a color scheme that can be decoded to the encryption key. Of course the number may also be represented as letters, binary notation, a power of e, musical notes, etc. How far will the laywers chase this down? T-shirts are being printed, wrist bands, underwear ...

The geek mob is in action. Feels like spring time (not Prague spring I hope).

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