Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ohio TV finds pet food industry inscrutable

Imagine that, the industry doesn't like visitors ...
WBNS-10TV, Central Ohio's News Leader - News - 10 Investigates: What's Really In Pet Food

...10 Investigates found out quickly that the government -- and the industry -- did not even want to discuss the subject. The FDA refused to give 10 Investigates a one-on-one interview, claiming their people were too busy.

Also, 10 Investigates contacted seven pet food manufacturers in Ohio and Pennsylvania, asking to tour their facilities and tell us what they put in their pet food. Some did not get back to us. Others, like the Masterfoods plant in west Columbus, declined our request and refused to answer specific questions. Others referred 10 Investigates to the Pet Food Institute.

The lobbying group did not answer our questions either, but only said in a blanket statement that it vows 'to work tirelessly to continue our efforts to keep your pets safe and healthy...
I've noticed it's getting harder to find veterinarians willing to say that pet food is generally safe and well manufactured. They were much more confident a few weeks ago ...

On the bright side, all Chinese manufactured vegetable protein is being screened for melanine now, and no additional Chinese suppliers have yet been implicated.

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