Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Geeks crush DMCA

The aggregate geek mind is on the war path. Yesterday tatoos and color coded t-shirts were used to protest the ownership of a 128 bit integer, now geeks are using the DMCA to seize personal control of other digits.
Slashdot | Own Your Own 128-Bit Integer

.... the folks at Freedom to Tinker would like to point out that you too can own your own integer. They've set up a script that will generate a random number, encrypt a copyrighted haiku with it, and then deed the number back to you. You won't get a copyright on the number or the haiku, but your number has become an illegal circumvention device under the DMCA, such that anyone subject to US law caught distributing it can be punished under the DMCA's anti-trafficking section, for which the DMCA's Safe Harbor provisions do not apply.
Alas the server is a cooling puddle of liquid metal. Try it in a few days ...

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