Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Money and software features

CH wrote a nice post on programming quotes (you have to read his bleak favorite), including one from Larry Wall about buying things:
Coding Horror - a Larry Wall quote

...I think that the biggest mistake people make is latching onto the first idea that comes to them and trying to do that. It really comes to a thing that my folks taught me about money. Don't buy something unless you've wanted it three times. Similarly, don't throw in a feature when you first think of it. Think if there's a way to generalize it, think if it should be generalized. Sometimes you can generalize things too much. I think like the things in Scheme were generalized too much. There is a level of abstraction beyond which people don't want to go. Take a good look at what you want to do, and try to come up with the long-term lazy way, not the short-term lazy way...
Great advice for software, but even better advice for spending.

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