Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Joel Spolsky starts a Wiki on the business of software

Spolsky, best known as "Joel on Software" is a hyper-productive scatter brained genius workaholic CEO. Or so I imagine. I've never met the man. I imagine he's very intimidating, but, who knows. Maybe he's actually a nice person too.

In addition to running a startup company, teaching us all on his blog, and writing several books, he has now launched a Wiki: The Business of Software Wiki.

Based on my longtime reading of Joel's blog, and the books of his I have, I assume he, and the contributors he will recruit, will create a template which anyone who wishes to launch a startup software business can try to apply. A franchise model, without the franchise fees. (Yes, someone might turn the template into a franchise model, or even create an outsourcing suite based on the template.)

Go Joel.

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