Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Boingo Wireless adds another iPhone requirement

Boingo Wireless is responsible for another entry to my iPhone Mandatory Demand List. I've elevated "bridge PC to WLAN" from "desirable" to "essential" -- because Boingo has taken over the airport HotSpot business.

I very much dislike Boingo. I want to be able to use my iPhone to bridge a laptop to the Net so I never have to deal with Boingo again. Why do I detest Boingo? I'll list 4 quickies:
  1. This morning my registration failed -- until I checked the "spam me" box that Boingo had originally checked and I'd unchecked. A convenient bug, no doubt.
  2. Boingo insists on installing their software on my machine. I'm reasonably confident it's ugly stuff, but even if it were the purest product I don't want Boingo forcing it on me. In fact their connectivity service works fine if you donwload the file but skip the installation step.
  3. You can't simply enter your billing information and start using Boingo, you have to "register". I'm running out of pseudonyms and fake email addresses.
  4. Did I mention they've eliminated all the other airport HotSpot vendors?

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Anonymous said...

you are not the only only one who does not like Boingo Wireless for similar reasons