Thursday, September 06, 2007

iTouch, iPhone: more sad news

Apple geeks heads hang low today. Ok. One of them.

Yes, the new devices will probably eliminate the Zune, give NBC a bad case of bluffer's remorse and sell very well.

But, sniff, they don't do nothin' for me.

Sure the iPhone is cheaper, but it was never the price tag that stopped me buying it. It doesn't meet my needs. Even the dying Treo has more of what I need (which ain't saying much). The iTouch is probably going to zap the ever dwindling sales of non-phone PDAs (Palm, Dell, whoever sells those things), but it doesn't replace my dying Tungsten E2 (battery life now at about 2 hours of use, and it's only about 1.5 yrs old).

If Apple had left prices where they were and opened the iPhone/iTouch to 3rd party developers I'd be a happy man today. If all they did was make the non-network software competitive with the original US Robotics PalmPilot I I'd be smiling.

Instead, I'll just go into my lonely corner and cry for a while ...

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