Sunday, September 23, 2007

UPS delivery record fraud - how to respond

I've experienced this twice in the past year. UPS claims they attempted a delivery at my home, but I've reason to believe they didn't. Kotke reported the same thing a few months ago ..
Harry Potter and the Phantom Delivery (

... At some point after 7pm, the UPS status page updated to say that a notice was left at 3:36 pm, implying that a delivery attempt was made and no one was home to receive it. (Amazon's tracking page says that UPS told them "Delivery attempted - recipient not home".) No such notice was left. My door buzzer did not ring at 3:36 pm (I was home all day on Saturday) and the doorman of the building next door who takes the deliveries for our building when people aren't home reported no notice or delivery attempt...
Recently I wrote of UPS' package-crushing habits.

UPS is following the airlines down the tubes, perhaps for similar reasons. Today I'd recommend the USPS over UPS. If you run into UPS problems with an Amazon order, use the Amazon feedback option linked to your order to complain. Don't bother contacting UPS, they're too far gone. We need Amazon to shift them, or to find another solution.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I had noticed this month that I had one electronic deduction from my bank account which was made by UPS. However, I had no record of any shippment being made and called both tracking and billing to find out why I had a charge. Both departments kept pointing fingers at each other and neither of them had any record of the shipment. So, I began looking into other charges from UPS on my bank statement and found other non-trackzble charges.

Anonymous said...

UPS service is AWFUL. Today, I was waiting for my package. It's a rather bulky and heavy package (a bicycle). I get a buzz at the intercom for my apartment. I respond "Who is it?". no reply. I respond again "Who is it?". No reply. So, I figured it must be UPS, I just buzz to let them in. I wait 10 minutes, then after no knock on my door, i go down to the entrance, where I find the infamous yellow note of Non-delivery. Mind you, this is a Friday, so the next "attempt" is going to be on Monday. Having paid $50 to ship this, I don't want to wait another 3 days. I call their customer service dept and give them all my info, tracking #, the yellow slip's infoNotice number, etc. The lady on the phone claims she can't find my package and that nothing is scheduled to be delivered to my address! The best advise she offers is that she'll inform the closest center to check up and see if they can find a driver who has my package (which now apparently doesn't exist).

Anonymous said...

11/26/2008: I took the day off to wait for a package, (digital camera) I needed for my business that Friday to take to Vermont. I called UPS earlier in the day when I saw the tracking was "out for delivery". I live in a rural area so I gave costumer service directions to my house along with my phone number in case the driver had a hard time finding my home. My wife saw the UPS truck 1/2 a mile from my home, I called UPS again (within 5 minutes of the truck sighting). They assured me it would be there on that day. At 8pm the status changed to "emergency conditions beyond UPS control". I called costumer service again, where I was informed for the first time by Karen (a guy in Florida)that they have no way of getting in touch with their drivers. So, if they care so little about their own employees, how does this company regard their costumers items that are sent on their trucks? I will not be signing for this package.

Anonymous said...

So on December 12th UPS did not deliver a package to me, instead they delivered the package to someone named Rick1, who does not live in my downtown Los Angeles loft building. This package contained a time sensitive order that can not be reprinted by the people who sent it to me, and the value of the order was a little over $600.

My loft has security cameras and I have a copy of our tape, of the only entrance to the building, which shows that for a 2 hour window around the time UPS says they delivered the package that they did not. No UPS person came in.

I have requested a trace, and UPS is saying that the package was delivered. The company will not refund my money on the order, and I don't understand what I can do, I mean I have freakin video proof that they did not deliver the package to me or anyone else who lives at my address.

Any help that could be offered would be nice, including people like the DA that I can contact for this clear proof of fraud on the part of UPS.

KD said...

I had ordered items from, and paid about $15 for next day delivery. The item shipped for delivery to me through UPS on August 27th, 2009 was never delivered to the shipping address, which is my residence. We have been waiting for it all day.
Since the UPS online enquiry suddenly showed a delivered status on August 28, 2009 at around 10:38 am, I contacted UPS at 10:40 am, to inform that delivery has neither been made nor attempted.

First they (UPS) refused to act, because I was not the shipper. Then after some pursuation, they agreed to put a tracer on it, but refused to call their local agent in New York, stating that they only do everything on-line.

Subsequently, I contacted the shipper ( at 11.08 am and they also contacted UPS, only to be told that tracer has been put and that they would wait for the results.

According to the information provided to me over phone by UPS, the appartment # was missed out by UPS. On enquiry, the building super informed me that UPS had actually delivered only 1 package for another apartment (of the same building at Parsons Blvd) earlier , and that no other package was delivered or left by UPS.

Since after waiting for hours, neither the package was delivered nor anyone from UPS contacted me though they ahd taken both my home and cell #s, I contacted them again in the afternoon. My calls to UPS have not resulted in getting any update, as UPS guys on phone kept on telling me that the matter is under investigation and that there is no way that they can reach the investigation department to find out the status .

I also sent out emails to UPS, informing them of the entire episode and providing them my home and cell #s, but no one even cared to contact me. The package (containing costly items) has been misplaced or lost by UPS and they even do not care to expedite investigation, or have any meaningful contact with their local delivery agency in New York. Needless to say their total lack of any effort to contact me or provide me any information, is the most unprofessional act I have seen. I do not know what happened to the items I paid for and to the package for which I paid the shipping charges.

Anonymous said...

UPS used the EMERGENCY CONDITIONS BEYOND UPS CONTROL for a package in San Pablo, CA. No snow, no rain, just beautiful 70 degree California weather. WTF... this was scanned as received and as ECBUC in the same minute!!

Anonymous said...

Same thing has happened to me three times in the last three weeks. They seemed to drive by my driveway, but not up the driveway.