Monday, October 08, 2007

Bill Clinton as Hillary's attack dog

Every candidate needs someone who can rip the throat out of the opposition. Hillary has Bill, who recently demonstrated a throatectomy on CNN/YouTube. The target was the GOP's feigned MoveOn "shock and horror".

He's good, he's very good. I suspect he can turn the outrage on at will, so there's an odd sincerity to his performance.

The Economist this month proclaimed Hilary president-in-waiting. I don't think they're really conspiring against her with the ridiculously premature proclamation, I suspect they're trying to prepare their increasingly conservative readers for a future Hilary endorsement.

I don't share The Economist's supposed certainty, but watching Bill at work it's possible to imagine the GOP's snakes deciding to save their venom for softer prey. They've fanged Hilary so often that she's probably immune by now, and their incessant attacks may be boring their partisans. It will be nicely ironic if the GOP has stoked Hillary outrage so long and hard that, at the time they most need their rabid partisans, they've all become bored with the meme.

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