Monday, October 08, 2007

No bad bridge maps: Bridge ratings are now top secret

After our local bridge fell, I wondered if Google could add a "bridge rating" icon to their map layers:
Gordon's Notes: Bridges: 77,000 deficient, 750 have I-35W design

... I thought a bit more about how Google could accelerate the infrastructure review. A 'route around risky bridge' option for Google Map directions would concentrate minds wonderfully. One can readily imagine icons for bridges with the I-35W design and risk designation...
Recently, our Republican governor managed to have all MN bridge ratings declared "top secret". The ratings could help the terrorists, you see.

I have to hand it to Pawlenty. He waited a few weeks to give the public time to completely forget about the bridge, then he made it impossible for anyone to track the state of MN bridges.

That should help block a gasoline tax. Our local media have been playing dead of course, they know almost no-one is paying attention.


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