Sunday, October 21, 2007

I am 113810027503326386174. And 578762461. At least.

Today I have been re-christened 113810027503326386174. It is the ID Google assigned to the persona associated with Gordon's Notes and other blogs. I assume it will be the foundation for Google's future identity management services.

If you do various straightforward manipulations based on the geometry of the Incan pyramids, you will extract the number 666.

That persona also has my primary GMail account, though at last count I had at least four GMail personas (associated with various Google App domains -- nothing fishy about it).

I will need to add this new number to the page where I park all my public and related personas.

Incidentally, I read in Slashdot today that Facebook, where I am 578762461, is moving to 64 bit identifiers. That should cover the first ten minutes of post-Singular identify explosion.

I thought of 113810027503326386174 and tatoos, but that's not something to joke about.

It will take me a while to memorize these new names. Mnemonic anyone?

Update 10/2/08: It finally occurred to me that this is my "number of the beast". It is, after all, clear where Google is going, it's a number, and it's mine. So now I can add the religion tag to this post. As of today there are 0 hits on "Google Profile" and "Number of the Beast". Maybe I can tweak that a bit ...

Update 4/25/09: Well, that was quick. no longer works! Instead the new URL is which now redirects to

Update 9/19/11: My G+ posts incorporate this ID

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