Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dyer - 4 new articles

Dyer has 4 new articles out:

  • Maliki blinked: Sadr came out ahead, but it doesn't matter anyway. Soon America will leave and Iraq will be forgotten.
  • Zimbabwe: I'd skip this one, nothing much in it.
  • Olympics: The running of the torch was a Hitler invention. (!) Look for trouble in India, and mockery in Australia.
  • Nepal: The Maoists won the election.
  • Berlusconi; The best of this batch, see below ...

For example:

...To elect Berlusconi once, as Oscar Wilde might have put it, may be regarded as a misfortune. To elect him twice looks like carelessness. But to elect him THREE TIMES is beyond a joke, for he is the most transparent fraud to have held high public office in a major European country since the Second World War. He even makes the late Boris Yeltsin look serious and competent by comparison...


My country re-elected George Bush, so I have some sympathy for the shame and horror intelligent Italians must feel today. Between Italy electing Berlusconi, and Nepal electing Maoists terrorists, Democracy is looking a bit peaked.

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Anonymous said...

Ditto. "My country" is probably the best way to put it!

It was certainly not imaginable to me that it would happen for the second term, go figure.

It can only signify that the majority of citizens cannot be doing that badly, that there is some thing other than chlorine in the drinking water or I am completely out of touch!