Wednesday, April 16, 2008 may be blocked by some corporate filters

A reader tells me that she can't access Gordon's Notes following migration to
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My workplace blocks (don't know why, I thought they only blocked porn and gambling sites) so I'll have to follow your adventures on my own time. Bummer.
This is indeed odd, since the only pages I've had at have been my tech pages, which are pretty plain.

One workaround is to read the blog through a web-based blog reader, which is really the right way to read these things. I use Bloglines, and I also like Google Reader. So if you can get to them, just add to the reader, choose any feed, and read that way.

Kateva is a made up name we gave our dog, but maybe it's impolite in some language? Or maybe your employer is using a fairly dumb filter that gets fooled by spammers faking the domain name.

I'll ask around ...

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