Thursday, July 17, 2008

Please stop using videos for documentation. Please.

Explore Google Maps is supposed to let me learn about how to edit location descriptions, add content, etc.

It's all video.

The video for adding a location is very short. It consists entirely of "We're sorry, this video is no longer available".

What's with all the #$!$ video? I admit, a brief screencast can work very well, but these take way too long to load and view. A few words would be much less trouble to prepare and update, more reliable (see above), and it would be much faster and easier to process. Not to mention that words can be indexed (hint for Google - I thought you did search?).

There's a mania now for video display. I haven't seen this noted anywhere, nor have I seen any explanation of why video has taken over. (Yeah, sure, we all think it's the fault of those dang-gummed video games.)

I'm hoping it's a silly fad, and that we'll eventually settle down to a more appropriate mixture of text and screencasts.

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