Thursday, July 17, 2008

We suck. Lessons from the American Human Development Report

We rank 42nd for life expectancy, 12th for human development. More people in prison. Crummiest educational system. For example:
BBC NEWS | Americas | US slips down development index

...If the US infant mortality rate were equal to first-ranked Sweden, more than 20,000 babies would survive beyond their first year of life...
Most powerful army though, so we could always conquer Sweden and improve our numbers. Heck, last time I looked my Canadian homeland could probably be taken by the National Guard.

Thank heavens for Russia, we're probably ahead of them.

This is a deep hole. We have a cultural problem here that will take generations to fix.

A part of the fix will be to develop a political system with two respectable alternatives. That means getting the GOP out of power completely so it can reform itself or be replaced by another, healthier, party.

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